About Us

If you want to check “trash service” off your to-do list for good: you’ve found the right partner. At Gulf Coast Containers, we want to be the waste and recycling company you don’t think of…until a friend asks who you would recommend for their business. We’re proud of flying under the radar because that means Gulf Coast Containers is reliable, clean, safe, and trustworthy. You don’t have to worry about your garbage collection – we’ll take it from there.

Who We Are

Trevor Boehm stands with a Gulf Coast Containers roll off truck.

Gulf Coast Containers is a commercial waste and recycling provider serving Mobile and Baldwin Counties. We were founded in 2005 by Todd and Trevor Boehm. The Boehm brothers saw that local businesses were tired of being surprised by hidden fees, unreliable schedules, and customer service centers hundreds of miles away. The bottom line: Mobile and Baldwin businesses were spending too much time fighting for quality trash service.

Enough was enough, so Todd and Trevor started out with one roll off truck and a few containers. Business quickly grew. Today, we provide trash collection service for retail locations, offices, apartment buildings, industrial sites, home clean-outs, new construction and renovation, parks, campsites, and recreational events.

How We Do It

If we’re doing things right, you’ll forget we even exist! Gulf Coast Containers wants to be known to commercial and industrial companies as the waste and recycling service provider that you can hire for life and then spend your time on more important things – like growing your business.

We promise…

  • A fast response: Your needs are the most important thing to us.
  • Fair, stable pricing: You deserve something you can count on. Let it be us.
  • No hidden fees or surprise charges: Trash should be simple.
  • Clean, tidy equipment: Your facility matters. We’ll keep it clean.
  • A local team: We’re your neighbors and we love this community, too.

We stay local, we hire local, and we help grow local businesses by providing affordable service with no ugly surprises.

We offer

If you’re not worried about your trash or recycling service: we’re doing our job right!